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Haru offers a bespoke commission service, creating pieces which are unique and personal. For more details or to discuss your ideas please get in touch using the Contact me page

Some examples of recent commission are shown below:


Hoops2 Silver double hoop earrings

These earring were commission by a client for his wife’s 30th birthday.

My client came to me wanting a pair of handmade silver hoop earrings but with a twist. He had a strong idea of his wife’s style and aesthetic and had some great design ideas which we discussed. I then took his design concept back to the workshop and created the end product – a pair of double hoop earrings with a hammered textured finish.

It was great to hear that his wife was really pleased with the earrings and was touched with the thought which had gone into the gift.






Amber cufflinks

Amber and silver cufflinks, with hand-engraved initials

My client gave me a design brief for a pair of silver cufflinks which incorporated his favourite semi-precious gemstone, amber.

I worked up a few different design ideas and presented the various options back to him. On further thought, my client particularly wanted his initials to be hand-engraved onto the cufflinks to give them a more personalised touch. I added this final element to the chosen design, making it into a feature which would be visible on the cufflink backs.

I was very happy to receive the following feedback from him: “I love the cufflinks – excellent engraving”







Lily of of valley pendant

My client wanted to commission a Christmas present for his wife based on her favourite flower, lily of the valley. He decided on a pendant but other than that, the brief was very open which was great as I was able to experiment with different designs in the workshop.

When designing the piece, I wanted to capture the way several flowers hang at different heights along the stem of the plant. I came up with a few design options and sent my client photos of the work in progress to ensure that the final design met with their approval.

I was really special to hear that his wife loved it (and there may have been a few happy tears).






Blue agate cufflinks3

Striped blue agate and silver cufflinks, with laser engraved initials

These cufflinks are a very special piece, close to my heart.

In June 2014, my fiancé and I, got on a plane and flew off for the trip of a lifetime. Our first stop was Malaysia, where we travelled around the country and then got married on an absolutely beautiful white sandy beach. It was a perfect setting for the most perfect wedding. We had such a special day – I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

I wanted to do something special for my lovely husband and so I made these cufflinks for him as a surprise wedding present. Needless to say he loves them!